About our hungry c*mslut Luna
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Details about this GB event
We launch this event only for people who visited our events in past in order to build great relationship within this community. Main ad channel will be our telegram Members Only chat.
  • Venue made for that kind of events
    Not any shady basement or small apartment, private club
    in Barcelona where you can be yourself and have unlimited fun!
  • Everyone gets his moment of glory
    No need to worry about competition. Our team made this
    event in a way where every participant will receive his
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  • Minimum 2 hot girls to play with
    This event accept is open not only single men, but also couples and single girls. Ariel and Luna probably will not be alone if some
    other females or couples will like to join!
About our hungry f*ckslut Ariel
Catalan girl with fitness body offers s*x without limit of c*mshots. You can c*m wherever you want, as many times as you want! Her skills will definitely surprise you in a good way. Experienced sl*t that does her GBs and b*kkakes in Barcelona on a regular basis.
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For sure we can not accept all people who are interested to join in order to let everyone to play with our ladies!

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