Before joining our party, we kindly ask that you take a moment to review our complete list of rules and guidelines to ensure a respectful and enjoyable experience for all attendees. These rules are designed to promote consent, respect, and a welcoming atmosphere, allowing everyone to fully embrace their desires and fantasies.


We kindly request that you adhere to the following guidelines when selecting your attire:
Harnesses, metal, and shiny elements: These edgy and eye-catching accessories are perfect for making a bold statement.
Rubber and latex: Embrace the sensual and sleek allure of rubber and latex garments.
Lingerie: Exude confidence and embrace your sensuality with beautiful lingerie.
Leather: Make a strong and empowering fashion statement with leather clothing and accessories.
Sexy underwear: Feel free to showcase your sexiness with alluring and provocative underwear.
Fishnet attire: Add a touch of seduction and playfulness with fishnet garments.

What We Do Not Accept:
Black suits: We encourage you to explore a more vibrant and expressive style.
Gymwear: Let's save those workout clothes for the gym and embrace the opportunity to dress up.
Simple t-shirts: Our events are a chance to showcase your individuality, so we invite you to go beyond basic tees.
Evening dresses: While elegant, formal dresses are beautiful, our dress code encourages more daring and adventurous fashion choices.
Casual clothing: Our aim is to create an environment that goes beyond everyday casual wear, allowing you to truly express yourself.
Jeans(any color): While jeans and denim are versatile staples in everyday wear, we encourage attendees to explore more daring and unique fashion choices that align with the vibrant atmosphere of our events.
Regular black trousers, shorts, and skirts: We encourage attendees to explore alternative styles and experiment with unconventional fabrics that embrace the spirit of self-expression.
Swimwear: As our events focus on creating a unique social and expressive environment, traditional swimwear is not permitted. We invite attendees to consider alternative options that allow for creative and boundary-pushing fashion choices.