15 Dec, Friday - Secret Place
Event location will be sent to you 48 hours before the party by email, along with a helpful guide on how to prepare for an unforgettable experience!
What to expect?
The event runs from 20:00 to 03:00, and you have the freedom to access the venue at any time within this timeframe. Come and go as you please, and make the most of the experience at your own pace.
The venue has 2 large floors, each crafted to fulfill your every desire. The main floor boasts a lively dance area, VIP calling sofas, 3 private play zones, COUPLE ONLY AREAS, a well-stocked bar, lockers, and a wardrobe. Venture to the second floor, where 4 spacious private rooms await intimate exploration. An outdoor terrace provides a charming space for smoke breaks or conversations.
Beyond the music, our program features Shibari, 3 BDSM areas with experts, pre-registered Body Painting, interactive games, shows, and more. Get ready for a night of diverse and immersive experiences!
Awareness Team
You'll find our team members everywhere, from monitoring the number of people in play areas to maintaining a watchful eye on the overall atmosphere.
Safety measures
Safety first! In every playroom, we've got you covered with condoms, napkins, and lubricants for your convenience and peace of mind.
Dress Code: Kinky Fetish
The dress code for the events is kinky fetish. Embrace your bold and expressive style as we celebrate diversity and individuality. Dress to impress and let your unique fashion statement shine at our unforgettable gathering.