Wet Playground 2024 Loyalty Program:
Earn Free Tickets When Visiting Our Events!
Since amount of people who visit our events regulardly grows constantly, we decided to launch Loyalty Program.
It's very easy to benefit from it in 3 steps:
Sign up HERE and install the loyalty card to your phone's wallet.
Earn a stamp each time you visit our events.1 stamp per 1 visit.
Free ticket
Each 3 earned stamps gives you 1 FREE TICKET to the next event. Meaning that if you visit 3 our events the 4th event visit will be for free for you.
This is a personal card. You can only get a stamp for yourself if you are registered in this program. You cannot buy a ticket for any of your friends through this program and get a stamp. They must register themselves in this program, fill out the Google form, and then buy the ticket.

Stamps are considered valid starting from January 26th exclusively for s*x-positive parties Big Edition Events.

!!!Participation in these events like Play Party, Lite Edition and Kinky Expo does not grant the opportunity to obtain stamps.

Sign up HERE now and reach out to us so we can add a stamp for you!